Cara is a peer support chat app that connects you anonymously with a mental health advocate. Talk about your struggles with no fear of stigma.

let's chat, anonymously.
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Cara (Friend, in Middle Irish)

Anyone, anywhere can struggle with mental health at any point in their lives. It can be a short funk or a prolonged period. At Cara, we want to help. The compassionate instinct is intrinsic in human nature.

Cara is your cocoon to have a listening ear. Anonymity is guarded, so take your time to remove that mask and express yourself freely.

Cara relies on battle worn volunteers who survived and professionals who want to help others. The experience is real.

Remember, no one has to go through the darkness alone.

A Cara is only a text away.


Cara will never require you to share personal particulars to chat. Feel free to unmask and share your story.

no signup

Absolutely no signup needed before you chat. Always and forever.

no contact
info shared

Privacy is extremely important to us, because it is to you. You will never need to share contact info on Cara.

cara community

For every heavy heart out there, there is a listening ear in the Cara Community. No one is truly alone.

let's chat, anonymously.
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be a cara friend and
help by listening

At every point in time around the world, there is someone out there fighting a
battle we know nothing about. Connect through Cara and make a difference. Let's
talk about the Elephant in the room.

If you engage in a communication using Cara’s chat platform, you may voluntarily provide personal Information such as your name, contact information and other information. By providing Personal Information and other information via Cara’s communication platform, you consent to Cara using this information to reach out to you but not as a means to store and use this data voluntarily provided, with third parties. In cases where there is high level of suspicion of a crime or abuse involved, we will seek your consent to pass over your details to third parties like relevant authorities who can help, although we will ‘act’ to protect you without your consent if necessary, if you are at risk of harm, if you tell us something which means you could pose a risk to others or if you are unable to give consent. As a ‘duty of care’ if you tell us anything worrying, we have to act in your best interests to keep you safe and/or to protect you. Where possible, we will always work with you to ensure that you are safe and informed and involved in any decisions we make with regard your health and well-being.
At Cara, we do not keep or store full IP addresses of our users. We only collate the first half of the IP address which may inform us of the general region/area that a user is accessing the site. It cannot be used to trace users to a specific address.
You can ask for any of the above if we have enough information to identify you.
You will need to make this request by emailing
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